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Element AI

Customer : Element AI
Designer : Linebox Studio
Manufacturer : Millilken

Element AI, a technology company that provides advanced AI software products, hired architecture firm Linebox Studio in 2018 to design their new office in Montreal – in the heart of the Mile End. CPL Solutions had the pleasure of participating in the creation of their collaborative and modern space for the installation of commercial carpets. Their new 65,000 sq.ft office space is designed around 3 themes: Montreal, the democratization of artificial intelligence (AI), and the accommodation and support of Element AI’s unique culture.


Customer : Alithya
Designer : Lemay Architecture
Manufacturer : Milliken, Tarkett | Johnsonite

Alithya is a North American company specializing in digital strategy and technologies founded in 1992. This project started with a workplace strategy and it led to the implementation of a new office concept throughout the various Alithya locations. Flooring finishes were used to embody this vision. The guidelines that were developed include a transposition of the company’s branding through custom graphics and signage, colourful and playful spaces such as a game room and a «green zone», a flexible work area that allows collaboration and sharing, plus a touch of greenery that energizes the teams and make the space dynamic.

BCF Avocats

Customer : BCF Avocats
Designer : HUMÀ design et architecture
Manufacturer : Milliken

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Customer : Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Designer : VAD Designers D'espaces
Manufacturer : Milliken & Shaw

CPL Solutions completed the renovation of the two floors of the offices of the important accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. For acoustic purposes, the different work areas are mainly carpeted. Common areas, as well as the cafeteria, are covered in vinyl.

Photo : VAD designers d’espaces


Customer : Nespresso
Designer : Aedifica
Manufacturer : Shaw, Mannington et Armstrong

Pneus Yokohama Canada

Customer : Yokohama
Designer : FOLIO design
Manufacturer : Milliken + Collection Woodline Parquetry

Cirque du Soleil – 45 Degrées Events

Customer : Cirque du Soleil

The first complete polished concrete realisation by the CPL Solutions team, a magnificent project created for 45 DEGREES Global Events Company, a Cirque du Soleil Company. After working with the Cirque du Soleil for many years, our team proposed the removal of the existing carpets to modernise the spaces. Once the carpet removed, the concrete was restored and polished by our teams.

PSP Investment

Customer : Public Sector Pension Investment
Designer : VAD Design
Manufacturer : Mannington

Within the context of a LEED certified project, the refurbishing and expansion of the offices of PSP Investments. The colour inserts between the carpet tiles enhance the modern environment. The combination of colours and textures enrich the refreshing new decor chosen by the client.

Photo : VAD Design