5 myths to debunk about cleaning your commercial carpets

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5 myths to debunk about cleaning your commercial carpets

New flooring represents a major investment for any company. Taking care of it will help you prolong that investment. As all carpet manufacturers emphasize, regular cleaning and proper maintenance are essential to extend the life of your commercial carpet.

Although carpet is relatively simple to clean and maintain, the operation itself is fraught with myths and misconceptions that lead to poorly maintained carpets, shortening their useful life. To avoid this, here are 5 myths to debunk to preserve your commercial carpets.


Myth #1 — A vacuum cleaner is all you need to clean commercial carpets

Vacuuming removes up to 80% of dirt and debris from your carpet. On a daily basis, it's the most effective way to clean with ease. Over time, residual dirt thickens on the fibers of your commercial carpet. You'll soon notice that residues damage your covering and accelerate visual deterioration.

This premature deterioration can be avoided by incorporating regular deep cleaning into your carpet maintenance schedule. Deep cleaning can remove the remaining 20% of dirt from your carpet and keep your working environment clean.


Myth #2 - Vacuuming once a week is enough

Regular carpet vacuuming is the most important factor in prolonging carpet life and preserving your investment. Whether in low- or high-traffic areas (i.e. closed offices or the corridor to the coffee machine), remember to optimize your operations.

In fact, schedule cleaning operations according to actual needs, and your general maintenance will be more efficient as a result.


Myth #3 - Regular cleaning crews have the optimal solution for carpet cleaning

There's a difference between regular vacuuming and deep cleaning. While it's possible for your on-site team to clean carpets, they may not be best suited to the task.

All in all, a team of professionals may seem more expensive, but their training and experience will probably do a better job in less time. These specialized crews are dedicated to the remaining 20% mentioned above, which is the most damaging to your flooring in the long term.


Myth #4 - Deep cleaning is expensive

The criteria for cleanliness are different for everyone. However, you'll probably want to replace your unkempt carpet before the end of its normal life.

The reasons are simple:

  • Poor appearance (stains, visible residues, uneven discoloration)
  • Its smell could be disturbing
  • The air will seem less breathable
  • Sagging fibers will no longer be comfortable

A thorough cleaning will extend the useful life of your investment by up to 30%. If a new cladding costs you $20,000, it would be ideal to change it in 10 years (its useful life) rather than being required after 7 years due to the reasons mentioned above.

The deep-cleaning operation will inevitably save you money on replacement costs. All in all, you'll have a more pleasant environment and prolong your investment.


Myth #5 - All cleaning methods are similar

If you've done deep cleaning in the past, you know that some operations can take more than 24 hours to dry. There's a giant leap between regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Ask questions about the drying time and frequency required to identify the quality of the service on offer.

High-pressure cleaning with a factory truck or specialized equipment can cut drying time in half. The truth is that there are a multitude of different carpet cleaning methods with different results.

Some methods are more effective than others:

  • Hot water extraction
  • Low water content cleaning
  • Cleaning with encapsulation

To avoid not being able to walk on your carpets the next day, identify the methods used by your service provider.




At the end of the day, maintaining your carpets is simple if you identify your needs and plan your operations accordingly. If you've never had a deep clean on your carpet, tell yourself it's never too late!

Spring is the ideal time to ask a specialized team to remove the traces of winter. You'll also be able to preserve your entrance carpets for longer with annual calcium-removing maintenance.

Photos Credit: Mohawk Group
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