Commercial Solutions

The appropriate floor-covering selection is often the first element in the creation of your new environment. Considering your needs and budget, we determine products and recommend installation solutions for your project.

Have a project in mind? The services of our team of experts can be helpful from the first planning stages of your project. We will find a solution for your project. If the product or service you require does not appear in the list above, contact us.

Advice Solutions : Specification of products, design, estimate, project management

Installation Solutions : Technical advice, floor-covering installation, SoluliftMC furniture raising system

Maintenance Solutions : Cleaning, maintenance and restoration by our SolucareMC division

Technical Solutions: Assessment, concrete slab humidity test and vapour-barrier membrane

Seasonal Solutions : Winter carpets program with maintenance calls and storage

Specialized Solutions : Polishing, restoration, concrete staining and finishing

Ecological Solutions : Carpet recycling (with purchase or replacement of a floor-covering)

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