How to optimize the layout of open workspaces

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How to optimize the layout of open workspaces

The reorganization of work environments, such as open spaces or benching, represents a beneficial solution for your company. In addition to encouraging collaboration and reinforcing the company's creative culture, the financial argument is at the top of the list. In fact, these new spaces allow you to reduce the number of square feet per workstation.

Before embarking on the design of this new space, it's a good idea to determine your employees' needs. Here are three tips to facilitate collaboration in your workspaces, without compromising your teams' productivity.

1. Attention to acoustics

Noise is often the biggest problem your employees will have to deal with in an open-plan environment. Without walls to absorb or block sound, making a few changes to your office design can dramatically improve noise levels:

  • Furniture: Prioritize cushioned furniture, such as sofas in your separation area, or upholstered office chairs. These absorb sound better than hard surfaces, and create a comfortable environment.
  • Flooring: Reduce hard surfaces by selecting carpet in high-traffic areas. Carpet tiles with cushioned backing absorb three times more noise than hard flooring (vinyl, concrete, etc.).

2. Diversify the environment

By choosing an intelligent layout, you can strike a new balance between personal and collective spaces. These spaces are made up of areas for exchange and relaxation, creating an inspiring, friendly, dynamic and engaging workplace.

Our team recently participated in the new layout concept, which now allows RCGT to better occupy their workspaces. At the end of the project, with the same number of employees, the customer now occupies 3 of the 5 floors previously occupied. You can see more pictureshere

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3. Delineate the different spaces

Many companies use different colors, textures and types of furniture to clearly distinguish discussion areas, collaborative spaces and individual workspaces. Reorganizing workspaces can define new working methods and a change in culture. It's a good idea to structure work areas and open up spaces to maximize collaboration in the environment.


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