5 trends in commercial flooring for 2022


In 2022 sustainability remains the dominant theme in commercial flooring. This focus has given rise to a number of new developments in the industry. The range of possibilities in commercial flooring is no longer limited to carpet, linoleum and ceramic. Innovations in the field now offer a multitude of options, providing different installation and environmental possibilities.

In recent years, vinyl tile and tile carpet have carved out a larger share of the non-residential flooring market, replacing roll products. Find out more about commercial floor covering trends for the new year below.

  1. Hard surface coatings still on the rise

In recent years, vinyl manufacturers have expanded their product offerings, contributing to the rise of this floor covering in commercial projects. In 2022, LVT, "Luxury Vinyl Tile", continues its rise to prominence. Technological advances in printing now allow infinite possibilities of color, texture and finish. Meanwhile, LVT is expanding beyond its traditional use in retail to healthcare and education. It's now possible to reproduce your favorite noble materials: wood, ceramic, stone, marble, concrete and many others. Commercial vinyl also offers a different kind of performance, with its superior water resistance and ease of maintenance. Installation is flexible, as it's available in rolls, tiles, hexagons and planks of various sizes/widths. Following recent innovations, commercial vinyl is also more durable than ever, making it an ideal choice for commercial applications.

Grain + Pigment | Shaw Contract
  1. The biophilic design trend

Last few years have highlighted the importance of mental and physical well-being, and how physical spaces play a role in well-being. As a result, designers are interested in incorporating aspects of biophilic design, or connecting humans to nature by incorporating natural elements into a space.

The concept comes from the term biophilia, which refers to the human tendency to interact with other forms of life. In design, this means creating a sense of harmony between your interior and the outside world, and it's one of the biggest interior design trends this year.

The concept comes from the term biophilia, which refers to the human tendency to interact with other forms of life.

Lichen Collection | Mohawk Group
Lichen Collection | Mohawk Group

  1. Creating flexible workspaces

Today, it's advantageous to have adaptable spaces, both at home and in the office. This means that interiors need to be flexible, so that they transform to meet changing needs. Designers achieve this by intentionally creating zones for multiple purposes. At home, this can look like a workspace where you can also work out.

  1. Eco-responsibility

It's no surprise that sustainability remains a criterion in commercial flooring choices. This year, there are more "green" options than ever, and these planet-friendly options are more resilient and technologically advanced.

It's not surprising that sustainability remains a criterion in commercial flooring choices.

Major manufacturers are increasingly prioritizing the development of recycled, eco-friendly materials. Did you know that it's also possible to recycle carpets when they're replaced by our teams? With the growing number of green certifications (LEED, FloorScore®, Carbon Neutral, Living Building Challend, HDP Exoflex, CRI Green Label Plus and many others) architects and designers are now selecting floor coverings with the environmental aspect as a priority.

Floor coverings are also becoming more environmentally friendly.

Among commercial floor covering manufacturers, Mohawk Flooring and Interface stand out for their investments in research and development in this field, and for both being carbon-negative.

Interface | CPL Solutions
Collection X | Interface

  1. Calm and comforting palette

The stress of the pandemic has led to a desire for calmer, more soothing spaces, which can be achieved through the integration of warmer hues, curved shapes, wood tones, soft pastels and nature-inspired tones.

CPL SolutionsINTERFACE (Left to right) : Zen Stitch™ [- CO2] (Color: Flint) & Sashiko Stitch™ (Color: Jadeite) ; Vintage Kimono™ (Colors: Coal & Ash) ; Geisha Gather™ (Colors: Jet/ Coal/Ash) & Walk of Life™ (Color: Cool Ash)

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