Rubber flooring offers durability and comfort and is available in a wide range of solutions. When convenient, this flooring is recommended for the distinct requirements of your project. Let your imagination guide you through the selection of colours, textures, size options, etc. The customization of your flooring is also achievable with the insertion of a logo or design of your choice, creating a personal touch while adding visual interest (and emphasizing the identity of your brand).

We guarantee that your customers and your employees will appreciate the comfort provided by rubber flooring. We also know that you will enjoy its easy maintenance and strength. Rubber flooring can also contribute to the LEED achievement system.

Our team wishes to offer you realistic and optimal options for the unique characteristics of your project. Our rubber flooring solutions are ideal for their many functional and aesthetic attributes.

Service areas such as staircases include unique characteristics well identified by our team. Rubber flooring can fulfill functional needs such as reducing the risks of eventual falls and eliminating traffic area noise. Technically, we prioritize a floor-cover optimizing the safety as well as aesthetics and lifespan of the flooring

Within a learning institution, you are probably looking for a secure, hygienic cover that also provides a stimulating environment. Our rubber flooring solutions with infinite aesthetic possibilities can create motivating and colourful learning environments. Follow your whims while taking advantage of a comfortable, long-lasting and low maintenance material.

Durable and resistant in high traffic zones, rubber flooring is ideal for specialized sports applications. Secure sporting grounds absorb shocks and reduce the noise of heavy falling objects. The CPL Solutions team will recommend this product if it is functional for your project. The installation of rubber flooring is the solution for ergonomic comfort.

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