Made of noble materials, ceramic flooring is of an unparalleled natural beauty and vastly appreciated for its durability and easy maintenance. Our mission is to adapt our solutions to the specific requirements of your project and your environment. Inevitably, ceramic installation requires great attention to details and we are proud to offer you comprehensive and efficient solutions.

Our team specializes in stone floor products from the planning to the finishing phases, including the installation. Also, our ceramic cleaning services complete our installation solutions for commercial floor-coverings.

Marble, slate, sandstone, natural stone, granite or porcelain… Everything is possible! CPL Solutions works in partnership with the biggest suppliers to offer you a wide range of possibilities in floor covers. Your project will be in good hands, especially since our team will help you through the various steps:

  • Specification of the right product (with design possibility)
  • Meticulous preparation of surfaces, modified according to the condition of the area
  • Assessment of the installation pattern (straight, diagonal, other combination)
  • Professional installation of your new ceramic
  • Subsequently, complete cleaning and proactive maintenance program

Our Solucare division offers ceramic restoration solutions, a viable alternative to replacement (an arduous and costly task). The Neverstrip technology is economical, ecological and efficient. This option gives your flooring new life. The service can include grout colouring and application of a sealant on your existing tile.

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