There surely exists an efficient and optimal method to realize your project. It is our team’s responsibility to find the best application possible, while prioritizing quality during the realisation of your project. Our specialized floorings are flexible. The expertise we have acquired through the past 38 years allows us to pertinently evaluate your projects.

To us, there are no customers too easy or too complicated. They all have their specific needs, it is up to us to understand and satisfy them by offering solutions best suited to their environment.

What solutions are your looking for? Our team does not have all the answers, but will undertake every necessary step to find the best solution for you. With humility, we emphasize our concern to innovate, to progress and listen to you without resting on our laurels!

If you do not obtain the solution you are looking for, our team will be pleased to help you discover further options. Contact us for more details.

Ecoglo is an innovation in photoluminescent signalling and emergency lighting. During the conception of buildings and your security devices, emergency lighting is a priority. Obviously, in the event of a power failure this system must be absolutely trustworthy. With the advantage of not requiring electricity, Ecoglo offers a range of products of luminescent bands and insignias with different functions.

Anti-static flooring dissipates and reduces the effects of static electricity. This floor-cover is also called electro-static dissipation cover or anti-static carpet. These specialized types of flooring are the ideal solution for electronic assembly areas, repair and electronic service shops as well as white rooms where the control of static electricity is necessary. The dissipative tile cover increases security and avoids damage to sensitive equipment.

Anti-fatigue and anti-skid carpets possess particular characteristics. While optimizing comfort, these floor-covers limit the risks of falling and facilitate stationary work by providing the necessary support for stability. Anti-fatigue carpets reduce fatigue and stress caused by prolonged repeated effort. Fatigue reduction carpeting is available in different materials such as rubber and vinyl.

Ecological and eco-responsible flooring offers qualities such as durability, respectful management of resources and low harmful emissions. Our experts can help you find commercial flooring with Floorscore that can contribute to your LEED, WELL or other green-certified projects. Some materials stand out, such as engineered wood, cork, bamboo, linoleum, stone or concrete. Floor coverings such as bamboo, cork and stone are 100% natural in composition. These products are also fully recyclable.
Organic flooring is an option that reduces our dependence on petroleum-based products, while delivering equal or superior performance. These floor coverings contain rapidly renewable bio-based ingredients. Our manufacturers also offer products made from linseed oil, pine resin and wood powder, such as linoleum.
Currently emerging, interactive coverings represent a unique new way of designing your space. This innovation makes it possible to highlight safety exits and provide people with directions or information. This floor covering transforms the floor into a dynamic canvas that engages directly with our senses and our natural inclination to seek out light.

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