To satisfy your need for flooring that is acoustic, durable and resistant to wear in high traffic, your search will quickly lead you to this type of floor-covering. Its quality and performances vary according to the method of production (fibre, density, backing, etc.)

You may stumble when finding the carpet of your dreams, however we know that it will cushion your fall.

Our method: prioritize quality and application of the right product in the right place. From specialized carpets to carpet tiles through rolls of carpets, we can suggest a wide range of options. Our passionate team will help with the specification and selection of your floor-covering according to your needs. You will therefore have a turnkey solution for your commercial carpet from selection to installation and ultimately to maintenance.

There are many reasons why commercial carpet is typically applied in commercial projects. Here are a few:

  • Flexibility and unsurpassed sustainability
  • Competitive cost
  • Simple and efficient maintenance
  • The comfort of an acoustic and pleasant environment
  • Aesthetic completion of your interior design.

You wish to customize your workspace? Our commercial carpet selection includes carpets with logo, entrance carpets and custom-made doormats. Our customizable carpets equal quality and durability. Adding your logo will create a personal touch enhancing the identity of your trademark.

Our flexible offer allows you to choose a variety of formats, colours and materials. This commercial floor-covering is essential for all seasons.

Carpet tiles are perfect for all work environments, because they are easily installed, removed, replaced and reinstalled.

This floor-cover offers all the advantages of carpet, with the option of simply replacing a few tiles when damaged. Also, with various installation possibilities, carpet tiles can influence the design of your work environment.

CPL Solutions adapts its services of installation, cleaning and storage of commercial winter carpets. Our services of seasonal carpet management will simplify your operations. This turnkey solution is ideal for commercial spaces lacking a required storage area. Our spring service provides in-depth cleaning and seasonal storage. Our winter service re-installs your winter carpets before the first snow.

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