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CPL Solutions offers technical advice and provides complete installation of your commercial floor-covering. We believe that, while seeking perfection and minute attention to detail, we achieve excellence. Our installation methods and procedures comply with the highest standards in the industry. There isn’t one single method, but rather a multitude of technics answering to as many particular needs.

A meticulously accomplished task ensures long-term durability. Our commitment to you is to achieve your installations with state-of-the-art efficiency. Everything is guaranteed. To us, there is no simple customer. Neither is there a floor installation too complicated. Everyone has their needs, it is up to us to understand and solve them by offering the best-adapted solutions for your projects.

Furniture Lifting Services

We take pride in the workmanship that we achieve. For us, quality is such a priority that we take full responsibility for our services. CPL Solutions offers you an unlimited warranty on the installation of your floor-coverings. It is guaranteed as long as your flooring is preserved within a SolucareMC maintenance program. You will find additional information about our solutions in the maintenance section or by contacting our team.

CPL Solutions’ SoluliftMC service is a proven process of commercial floor-covering replacement. It is devised to raise your integrated furniture without moving your computing and electrical equipment or inconveniencing your employees.

Surface preparation: Every step is important and we give them our full attention. In a new building, we verify the humidity level and alkalinity of the concrete. In an existing building, we remove or neutralise the glue residue. The most common mistake: to skip this step for economical purposes in which case the product performance and long-term installation of the floor-covering are compromised.

The expertise of our teams: Our installers have the expertise for: Carpet tiles and rolls, flexible covering: vinyl board, vinyl rolls, marmoleum, linoleum and rubber, laminated wood, hardwood and engineered wood, ceramic, marble, stone and quartz, concrete polishing, stain and sealant FreeAxez raised flooring

Innovation: Floor-covering manufacturers are constantly developing new technologies and new products. CPL Solutions keeps up-to-date with the state-of-the-art materials and installation techniques of these new products. Our installers are constantly training in order to adjust with the changes and innovations of the industry.

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CPL Solutions offers a complete range of products. Carpet, vinyl, rubber, wood, ceramic, polished concrete: we offer a vast choice of floor coverings. Take a look at our range of commercial floor coverings and envision how we can work together on your project.